Problem making xorg-clients on FreeBSD 4.10

Daniel Shafer danielshafer at
Wed Sep 15 21:27:13 PDT 2004

I dont know, Ive done it like that before I upgraded to 5.3, and it
worked fine, 2nd thing is, if you dont wanna quit the gui yet, just
start XFree and delete the stuff after you got what you want open :P,
and then compile, thats what I did, run it on memory.

> Cheers to all!
> I'm having problems building xorg-clients.
> I'm not quite following the instructions in UPDATE, I want to prebuild 
> as much as possible before I delete XFree and then run make install in 
> x11/xorg. I hope this isn't the reason for the problem... :/

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