Port requests plus how to add non-ports apps the right way

Simon Barner barner at in.tum.de
Wed Sep 15 04:59:55 PDT 2004

Massimiliano Stucchi wrote:
> On 140904, 14:32, Esaltato wrote:
> > DISCLAIMER: absolutely no pressions intended on ports mantainers...
> I hope so, since we're in a period of freeze for the ports tree. :)
> > I hope it's ok to ask for new ports.
> Well, generally it is.  The thing is that if you want some new ports
> included in the tree, you should better go out, create the
> infrastructure yourself, and then sendpr it.


Have a look at the Porter's Handbook, esp. the "quick porting" section:


Then, choose one from the 10500+ examples in /usr/ports ;-) If you
want to create a port for a Gnome application, choose a Gnome port
(USE_GNOME=bla blurb), same applies for KDE applications or software that
uses GNU configure (GNU_CONFIGURE=YES), ...

Now skeletonize a copy of your example and fill in your own flesh.

Don't forget to run "portlint -N" (ports/devel/portlint) before
submitting your PR.

If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to ask in this mailing

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