apr problems with apache2 *and* subversion

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at cultdeadsheep.org
Mon Sep 13 00:11:09 PDT 2004

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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 23:46:44 +0200
From: Clement Laforet <clement at FreeBSD.org>
To: Andreas Kohn <andreas.kohn at gmx.net>
Cc: rodrigc at crodrigues.org
Subject: Re: apr problems with apache2 *and* subversion

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 23:13:55 +0200
Andreas Kohn <andreas.kohn at gmx.net> wrote:
Hi Andreas,
> I want to use both apache2 (with mod_python3) and subversion on my
> machine, and I'm having some problems with apr.
< snip>
> But I consider this solution rather ugly, and am wondering if there is
> any other way to have apache2, subversion, and mod_python3 working
> together.
> Could anything be achieved with forcing apache to use the correct
> libapr stuff using -rpath?
> Or am I simply overlooking some points here?

It has been discussed few weeks ago. Here's the summary of the tricks.
apr and apache2 conflicts in a single way:
if you have had installed apr before apache, build fails, but if you
installed apache2 and then apr, there's no conflict.
You have 2 solutions:
1. you want to use apr from devel/apr:
compile apr with thread support and then install apache2 with
WITH_APR_FROM_PORT (which may implies problems since apache2 use aor
2. you want to use apr from www/apache2:
install most recent version of apache2 (with 000.apache2libs.sh startup
script) and then build subversion with WITH_APACHE2_APR defined. (please
check your apache2 knobs before(dbm support))

that's all, folks!

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