apr problems with apache2 *and* subversion

Andreas Kohn andreas.kohn at gmx.net
Sat Sep 11 14:16:05 PDT 2004


I want to use both apache2 (with mod_python3) and subversion on my
machine, and I'm having some problems with apr.

Subversion needs apr, and installed the devel/apr-svn port as
Apache2 also needs apr, and will try to install its own version,
although in a different path (/usr/local/lib/apache2 vs /usr/local/lib
for apr-svn).

If apr-svn is already installed, apache2 installation aborts with a hint
to use WITH_APR_FROM_PORTS. (Which is experimental, unsupported etc)
If I install apache2 first, and apr-svn afterwards, apache2 will
automatically link the /usr/local/lib/libapr[-util].so[.9] instead of
the versions in /usr/local/lib/apache2.

The problems start with mod_python3, which needs a threaded apache
(either using WITH_THREADS, or LD_PRELOAD="libpthread.so")
So having apache2 linking to libapr[-util].so from /usr/local/lib (which
is unthreaded according to its name: apr-nothr-gdbm-db4-0.9.4_9) is not
possible, and apache will coredump. 

I ended up with linking /usr/local/lib/apache2/libapr[-util].so[.9] to
/usr/local/lib/libapr[-util]-apache2.so[.9], and then adding 
libaprutil-0.so.9       libaprutil-0-apache2.so.9
libaprutil-0.so         libaprutil-0-apache2.so
libapr-0.so.9   libapr-0-apache2.so.9
libapr-0.so     libapr-0-apache2.so

to libmap.conf.

But I consider this solution rather ugly, and am wondering if there is
any other way to have apache2, subversion, and mod_python3 working
Could anything be achieved with forcing apache to use the correct libapr
stuff using -rpath?
Or am I simply overlooking some points here?


--- System information ---
FreeBSD klamath.ankon.de.eu.org 6.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 6.0-CURRENT #0: Tue
Sep  7 23:19:39 CEST 2004  
root at klamath.ankon.de.eu.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KLAMATH  i386

[Maintainers of apr-svn and apache2 ports CC:ed, I hope that's not
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