submitting changes to a port

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Fri Sep 10 04:22:01 PDT 2004


Finally the 64bit port of cocktail compilertools is more or less 
satisfactory, and thus it runs on both i386 and amd64 (tested) not shure 
about other platforms but we will find out, I guess.

I've two questions:

1) How do I submit the new set of patches???
    a) new diffs to the orignal sources
    b) extra diffs to the previously patched set of sources
    c) diffs against the old diffs?
[I think I read the answer somewhere in the porters manual, but I'm not 
able to find it again :( ]

2) I need a TMP directory to install some of the tools in, as they are 
needed as bootstrap for other tools to build.
    Now I've got a variable TMP which is currently set to /tmp.
    Where/how should I do that?


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