Static php4-openssl extension needed was: Missing SSL support in core php4

Michael Ranner mranner at
Wed Sep 8 02:49:55 PDT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 8. September 2004 07:54 schrieb Joerg Pulz:
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> hi,
> the same problem here for me.
> attached is a small diff for lang/php4/Makefile.
> run 'make config' in lang/php4-extensions and make sure that the OPENSSL
> point is deselected/unchecked or if php4-openssl-... is already installed
> please deinstall it to avoid conflicts.
> it works for me.
> maybe it's a good idea to remove the OPENSSL option from
> lang/php4-extensions and build lang/php4 everytime with openssl or make it
> an option there.

Yes, its possibly the best solution, I dont know if its possible to check php4 
binary for openssl support after compilation to avoid the conflict with 
php4-openssl. Probably the options file of php4 could be read in and 
evaluated to warn about it.


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