Is there a mechanism for suggesting a package to be added toports?

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Sep 2 08:47:19 PDT 2004

Anders Hanssen wrote:
> With 2.95 I got an error when compiling some template stuff in
> Cxx-API/include/Synopsis/Python/Object.hh, plus it got confused about struct
> sigaction and sigaction(2). Have no time to investigate the template
> problem, but the sigaction problem is solved with patch-ab. In addition, it
> needs patch-ac to include <algorithm> before using std::remove() and
> std::find() in Cxx-API/src/


thanks for testing :-)

AFAIK partial member spezialization on the return value of a method is
not supported with g++ 2.95.

Example (from synopsis-0.7/Cxx-API/include/Synopsis/Python/Object.hh)

// ...

class Object

// ...

// ...

 //. try to downcast to T, throw on failure
  template <typename T>
  static T narrow(Object) throw(TypeError);

// ...


template <typename T>
inline T Object::narrow(Object o) throw(Object::TypeError)
  T retn(o.my_impl);
  return retn;

// ...

template <typename T>
inline char Object::narrow(Object o) throw(Object::TypeError)
  if (!PyString_Check(o.my_impl) || PyString_GET_SIZE(o.my_impl) != 1)
    throw TypeError("object not a character");
  char *value;
  int length;
  PyString_AsStringAndSize(o.my_impl, &value, &length);
  return value[0];

// ...

So, I think the best is to make the port use gcc 3.3 on FreeBSD 4.x. Of
course it has to be checked whether synopsis compiled with gcc 3 works
with boehm-gc and python compiled with the system compiler (2.95.4).

I have uploaded an updated version of the port:

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