Patch for updating pdmenu to version 1.2.83

Dimitri Coutsourides dimitri at
Fri May 28 00:37:47 PDT 2004


Can you give info of how you did.
I can establish vpn connection via adsl usinq squid proxy but my
connection drops every 3 3min.

Many thanks
" the June 05, 2003 
Satellite Internet -- an alternative?

I've managed to get the InfoSat stuff to work using the pentavalue
satellite card and the VPN (Virtual Private Network) using PPTP
(Point-to-Point Tunnel Protocol) working quiet well after trying to
figure out how to make it work well on a Redhat Linux server.

There are a couple of tricks that one needs to remember regarding the
way infosat have configured the new VPN stuff. For mweb users you need
to remember that you need the correct settings. Mweb and Infosat don't
know them when phoning support so you end up fiddling till it works.
Speeds aren't great as you get 128Kbit/s give or take a few bits. I
still prefer diginet but hell throw in an analogue leased-line for
outgoing and for the small business it looks like an interesting
solution to the ADSL, seeing you get a constant donwload speed of
128Kbit/s and outgoing of 33.6KBit/s which is more than you can say for
ADSL and the 3Gig cap."

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