antivir-milter changed licencing

David A. Koran dak at
Mon May 24 12:36:56 PDT 2004

Andrey Chernov wrote:

>On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 12:52:10PM -0400, David A. Koran wrote:
>>I'm not sure how many of you folks noticed, but it looks like H+BEDV 
>>Datentechnik GmbH has changed their licensing restrictions on the virus 
>>DAT updates and as of Friday evening, this version within FreeBSD no 
>>longer works with the "private" (aka FREE) license for the product. 
>>Please consider mentioning this as a build option or speak with the 
>>appropriate folks about the licensing terms.
>It can be also the sign that your personal license is expired. I don't 
>notice any changes on my machine.
Well, I've tried two personal licenses which aren't due to expire until 
next year and they are both complaining. I also have a compitent Linux 
person who has a similar set up who's experienced the same issue.

"We are pleased to send you your free license key file with the 
serialnumber #XXXXXXXXXX as attachment. This license allows you to use 
AntiVir for Linux and FreeBSD inclusive the two-monthly updates (FUSE 6) 
from 01.01.2000 up to 31.05.2005 (version 06.00.00 up to version 
06.31.99) as a full functional product. Please copy the attached file 
HBEDV.KEY into your AntiVir directory."

Upon running (via cron or by hand) "/usr/local/sbin/antivirupdater -q" I 
get the following messages back (via e-mail), I'm guessing they changed 
versions which exclude the personal licenses.:

Date:    24 May 2004
Time:    15:37:20

AntiVir has an update problem.

A newer version of the following file(s) is available, however
your license will not work correctly with the new version. You
probably need to renew your license.

-->  /usr/local/AntiVir/antivir
-->  /usr/local/AntiVir/antivir.vdf"


Date:    24 May 2004
Time:    15:37:22

AntiVir FAILED to update itself.

The automatic update failed. Please look at the above messages.
This may have occurred due to high network traffic for our update
servers. Please try the update again later. If you continue to
receive these errors, there may be a real problem. Does the
machine have internet access? Is there enough disk space
available? Is the software correctly configured (proxy)? There
may be information in the log files to help determine the problem.

AntiVir has NOT been updated."

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