antivir-milter changed licencing

Andrey Chernov ache at
Mon May 24 12:27:12 PDT 2004

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 12:52:10PM -0400, David A. Koran wrote:
> I'm not sure how many of you folks noticed, but it looks like H+BEDV 
> Datentechnik GmbH has changed their licensing restrictions on the virus 
> DAT updates and as of Friday evening, this version within FreeBSD no 
> longer works with the "private" (aka FREE) license for the product. 
> Please consider mentioning this as a build option or speak with the 
> appropriate folks about the licensing terms.

It can be also the sign that your personal license is expired. I don't 
notice any changes on my machine.

Andrey Chernov |

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