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Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Fri May 21 18:22:20 PDT 2004

Hiroki Sato wrote:
> Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> wrote
>   in <40A4DD27.8090807 at>:
> stephen> It seems to me that the teTeX program is designed so that dvips and xdvi 
> stephen> are built with it, and any attempts to modify the build procedure should 
> stephen> be done with extreme care.
>  Sorry for my carelessness.  I am working on fixing problems which are
>  reported on -ports@ list and want to fix them as soon as possible,
>  so could you please test the revised ports?  I decided to get a repo-copy of
>  print/teTeX -> print/teTeX-base and make the previous one as a
>  meta-port to install print/teTeX-base, print/xdvik, and
>  print/dvipsk-tetex.  The texconfig problem has also been fixed and
>  the users can use print/teTeX to install full set of the teTeX
>  distribution as they did.
>  The revised ports are attached.

Thanks for the new teTeX ports.  They work well except for one thing.  I do 
appreciate that what I am wanting to do is not quite proper port usage, but it 
used to work.

What I used to do was this.  First I would make and install the teTeX port. 
Then I would run texconfig to get letter papersize.  Then I would make package, 
and use the newly created package to install teTeX on other systems.

If I do this now, the changes made to dvips/config/ by texconfig do not 
get saved in the package, so I have to run texconfig again on the other computers.

I know that this is a small quibble, and I can certainly work around it. 
Actually, what would really be nice is to have a teTeX-letter port that would be 
exactly the same as teTeX except that it would run the sequence of commands
texconfig dvips paper letter
texconfig dvipdfm paper letter
texconfig xdvi us
at the end (and presumably copy to which I am guessing 
would get rid of the problem I am describing above).  I think that this extra 
port/package would be worthwhile because a lot of people would use it.  Another 
possibility is to add a USE_LETTERSIZE option to the Makefile of the teTeX port.

Thanks for all the work.  I do appreciate it, and I do realise that this is a 
volunteer effort.

Best, Stephen

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