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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Fri May 21 06:07:41 PDT 2004

Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> wrote
  in <40A4DD27.8090807 at>:

stephen> It seems to me that the teTeX program is designed so that dvips and xdvi 
stephen> are built with it, and any attempts to modify the build procedure should 
stephen> be done with extreme care.

 Sorry for my carelessness.  I am working on fixing problems which are
 reported on -ports@ list and want to fix them as soon as possible,
 so could you please test the revised ports?  I decided to get a repo-copy of
 print/teTeX -> print/teTeX-base and make the previous one as a
 meta-port to install print/teTeX-base, print/xdvik, and
 print/dvipsk-tetex.  The texconfig problem has also been fixed and
 the users can use print/teTeX to install full set of the teTeX
 distribution as they did.

 The revised ports are attached.

| Hiroki SATO
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