ports subtree dependencies checking

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at rinet.ru
Tue May 18 05:38:59 PDT 2004

Dear colleagues,

as all of you knows, keeping up to date thw whole ports tree involves
tremendous number of disk operation per cvs/cvsup. So, I use small script to
keep up-to date rather small set of ports (less than 1000, comparing to 10k+
total ports in the tree).

Sometimes this leads to broken dependencies (e.g., when tracked port becomes
dependent on some new port, or when dependency port moves). The latter case
partially can be covered by tracking MOVED file, the former can not.

Previously, `make index' would complaint about missing dependencies, so these
ports can be caught. Now, with INDEX_JOBS parallel index building, these errors
are hidden in the process.

Looking through Mk/bsd.port.mk (scaring process, BTW ;-) does not enlight me

Any suggestions?

Please keep me CC:d as I'm not subscribed to ports@

Thanks in advance.

D.Marck                                     [DM5020, MCK-RIPE, DM3-RIPN]
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