FreeBSD Port: bacula-1.32f5 updating destroys prior bacula conf files

LarsKöller lars.koeller at
Thu May 13 22:11:25 PDT 2004



In reply to Ben Bangert who wrote:
> Ummmmm
> I ran portupgrade the other day on bacula. Christ was that a mistake. I 
> had the absurd idea that as portupgrade has always done with every port 
> thus upgraded, it would save a copy of the conf files for the port. 
> Prolly to .old or something.
> Hah! No, instead it completely obliterated my configuration files. 
> Who's bright idea was that? Lucky I had all my conf files backed up... 
> to a bacula volume... so now I need to reconfigure bacula enough to 
> gain access to the volume to restore my config files.
> The most braindead part of the whole thing, is that there was 
> absolutely no reason to completely destroy the old bacula config files, 
> since the port didn't install any .conf files, only .sample files.
> At least I haven't lost anything other than my faith in FreeBSD 
> ports....

There is a problem in the portssystem and portupdate to handle conf 
files with a different MD5 sum correctly.

I miss to bypass this in the port of bacula up to 1.32f5. No a 
workaround is implemented.

The problem only occur with portupdrade, not make deinstall and 
pkg_delete! The last one are my way to upgrade such an complex thing 
like bacula, which holds all by important data .....

But I think after this nice email of you it's time to give the 
maintainership over to you to make it much better. Can you imagine how 
much work it is to stay with current versions of bacula and test the 
various possible configurations basically?

Thanks for your motivating words ...


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