Latest version of teTeX

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Thu May 13 19:28:00 PDT 2004

I was looking at the very latest version of the teTeX port, teTeX-2.0.2_4, and 
built it with the XDVIK and DVIPSK options set.  I was wondering why there are 
the lines:

         ${SED} -e 's,^\(o*\),%\1,' \
                 < ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/ \
                 > ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/
         ${RM} -f ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/

It basically means that the command:

texconfig dvips paper letter

doesn't work.  I can see a notice after the file is made to the effect that is not created, and I am supposed to merge it from 
(which has everything commented out).

Are they trying to make the teTeX port compatible with the xdvi and dvips ports, 
with the default being that one installs the xdvi and dvips ports seperately?

Anyway, shouldn't the about SED lines at least be conditional on DVIPSK not 
being set?

Or maybe I am not understanding it at all.

(I tried to send the message to the maintainer, but I couldn't get his email 
address to work.)

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