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Thu May 13 19:58:53 PDT 2004


Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> wrote
  in <40A42EAC.8090207 at>:

stephen>          ${SED} -e 's,^\(o*\),%\1,' \
stephen>                  < ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/ \
stephen>                  > ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/
stephen>          ${RM} -f ${TEXMF_TREE}/dvips/config/
stephen> It basically means that the command:
stephen> texconfig dvips paper letter
stephen> doesn't work.  I can see a notice after the file is made to the effect that 
stephen> is not created, and I am supposed to merge it from 
stephen> (which has everything commented out). should be created by ${PKGINSTALL} script if ${WITH_DVIPSK}
 is defined.  Wasn't it created in your environment?

| Hiroki SATO
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