deskutils/logjam, deskutils/logjam2

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Thu May 13 13:46:29 PDT 2004

>> (05.12.2004 @ 2137 PST): Roman Neuhauser said, in 0.6K: <<
> logjam is logjam-3.0.4, logjam2 is logjam-4.4.0, the former has
> obviously been withdrawn from the distribution site. shouldn't
> the deskutils/logjam2 port be moved into deskutils/logjam? the name
> certainly doesn't make any sense.
>> end of "deskutils/logjam, deskutils/logjam2" from Roman Neuhauser <<

I see no reason to retain logjam(v1). I have been meaning to do this for
a while. Thanks for the reminder; if nobody else has so far, I will file
a PR about this.

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