deskutils/logjam, deskutils/logjam2

Mike mike.patterson at
Thu May 13 05:50:00 PDT 2004

Roman Neuhauser wrote:

> logjam is logjam-3.0.4, logjam2 is logjam-4.4.0, the former has
> obviously been withdrawn from the distribution site. shouldn't
> the deskutils/logjam2 port be moved into deskutils/logjam? the name
> certainly doesn't make any sense.

I didn't create either of the original ports, nor am I the maintainer of 
the logjam port.

Having said that, 3.0.4 is the last stable version that does not require 
GTK2.  I think there are still some people who would favour that 
version, although I'm sure Joe would have something to say about that.

Having said *that*, it appears that 3.0.4 is indeed now gone from the 
logjam download page, so the point may be moot.  If it's decided that 
3.0.4 should stay on, I'm willing to find a copy of the original source 
tarball and host it.  Otherwise, I guess the 3.0.4 version should be 
removed from ports, but I've no idea what the ramifications are of 
changing port names.

(Removing original poster from Cc: list as his .signature seems to imply 
he desires.  :-) )


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