broken ports index

Andy Smith andy at
Mon May 10 18:30:19 PDT 2004


Someone asked me today, "how is it possible that I get 'package supercedes port'
when I run pkg_version or portversion?  The only thing I've been doing is
updating my ports with cvsup"

I thought this was a very good question, especially as it then made me notice
that I was getting the same on one of my machines.  So I had a bit of a google
and found a post that suggested I should do:

cd /usr/ports
make index

I tried this, and got this result:

$ sudo make index                                                             
Generating INDEX-5 - please wait..===> comms/gnokii failed:
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 8: Malformed conditional
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 8: Need an operator
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 8: Malformed conditional
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 8: Need an operator
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 1520: if-less endif
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 1520: Need an operator
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 4830: if-less endif
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 4830: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
*** Error code 1
1 error

Before reporting this error, verify that you are running a supported
version of FreeBSD (see and that you
have a complete and up-to-date ports collection.  If so, then report
the failure to ports at together with relevant details of
your ports configuration (including FreeBSD version, environment and
/etc/make.conf settings).

*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports.

So I did a cvsup in the hope that it would have been a momentary problem that
got fixed, but this does not appear to be the case.  Now my pkg_version and
portversion scripts do not work (they give similar errors to above).

Was this a bad thing to do?

How do I recover from it?  I do have backups, but I would like to know which
files to restore.  Or I could just nuke /usr/ports and cvsup them again.

[andy at laudanum ports]$ uname -a
FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p1 FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p1 #0:
Wed Mar  3 02:18:05 GMT 2004    
root at  i386

[andy at laudanum ports]$ cat /etc/make.conf 
# -- use.perl generated deltas -- #
# Created: Wed Feb  4 03:36:35 2004
# Setting to use base perl from ports:


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