Can't get rid of configure box

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Tue Mar 30 22:00:10 PST 2004

uname -a --  FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE #0: Thu Mar 30 20:16:41 GMT 2004   root@:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/VIILATV i386

I have been using FreeBSD since version 2.1.  Almost 10 years.  

I am having a problem installing some ports of the ports collection.  On php4, mod_php4 and netscape7 after you type make, a configure box appears.  This box lets you select the options you wish(makes sense). The problem is "I can't make this box disappear".  You can press "escape" or "cancel" to get rid of it,  but you also loose all the selections you made.

Once, on mod_php4 which I got by cvsup, I got rid of the configure box by pressing "enter".  The info on the box entered and the box disappeared.  Then "make" proceeded as normal.  Its the only time it worked that way.  Now when I cvsup, they have a different version of "mod_php4" and I have the same problems with it.

I am trying to install nescape7.  It has a configure box which lists 8 distfiles.  browser.xpi, spell_check.xpi, etc.  Once again, I can't make the box disappear.  When you press "enter" the "X" under the curser, appears and disappears with each press.  That all it does.  If I cancel the box, all configuration is lost.  It then looks for .xpi files with nothing to left of .xpi(all distfiles end in .xpi, browser.xpi, spell_check.zpi, etc).  Of coarse it doesn't find any.

If I can find a way to "enter" the box, Netscape7 will correctly install.

Hope somebody out there knows.

Thanks in advance,

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