Probelms and Inconsistencies with Portupgrade

Aeefyu afu-subscribed-list at
Tue Mar 23 19:00:44 PST 2004

Deal All,

My problems surfaced when I updated Portupgrade with reference to item 
20040226 in /usr/ports/UPDATING (though I suspect this is just a 
catalyst -- actual problem lies elsewhere)

My production box is currently running on 4.9-RELEASE-p4 (this box is 
originally a 3.3-RELEASE -and upgraded threreon over the years). A 
testament to the longevity and upgrade-path of FreeBSD. Primarily 
running HTTP, MySQL, and postfix

After updating portupgrade to use ruby1.8, portupgrade refuses to 
install anything! ie. "portinstall -fv editors/vim-lite" will output the 
following (vim-lite is not installed currently]:
[1031][root at beta: ports]$ portinstall -fv editors/vim-lite
--->  Session started at: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:31:36 +0800
** No package has been installed or upgraded.
--->  Session ended at: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:31:37 +0800 (consumed 00:00:00)

"portupgrade -Rv <dir>/<package>" ie. upgrading a package seems to be 
working fine, however. It seems to only affect "portinstall"

I have reinstall manually portupgrade and ruby* (using make install 
clean), rebuild INDEX with "portsdb -Uu" and "pkgdb -fu" or "pkgdb -F". 
Even went to the extent of blowing my /usr/ports and cvsup all over 
again. However, :
1. my /usr/ports/INDEX has the following as its first few lines:
*** Error code 1|||||||
Stop in /usr/ports/databases.|||||||
Stop in /usr/ports.||||||

2. portsdb -Uu reports hundred of make_index error.

So, as it is - i cant install new stuff via portupgrade "portinstall -Rv 
<package>". I seem to be able to maintain it though i.e. "portupgrade 
-Rv <package>". Anyone can shed light on this matter?

I think it might be  related to my very very outdated 
/var/db/pkg/*/CONTENT .. but its just a guess . I cant blow it and start 
all over again, right? Too risky, this is a production machine.

Thank you

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