MySQL 4.0.18 server problem on FreeBSD 5.2-Current

Ganbold ganbold at
Tue Mar 23 18:54:14 PST 2004


It seems like tcp connections is not working in another machine with 
I will add CPUTYPE=p4 in /etc/make.conf and install it and test it.
I will let you know the results.



At 09:41 PM 23.03.2004, you wrote:
>Ganbold wrote:
>>Before mysql update was really easy, but now I have big problem.
>>What should do in this case? Is there anybody solved this problem before?
>You should read the mailing lists before posting on them...btw, it seems 
>to be a problem with CPUTYPE not set in /etc/make.conf.....currently it is 
>known to work with CPUTYPE=p3 and to not work without CPUTYPE....otherwise 
>you can remove --with-libwrap from your Makefile and loose the tcpwrapper 
>Alex Dupre

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