vim ignoring configure options

Roman Bogorodskiy bogorodskiy at
Sat Mar 20 05:28:29 PST 2004

 Alex wrote:

> > On a couple of my machines the vim port seems to be ignoring all the configure 
> > options.  For example, I install vim-lite on everything but recent builds are 
> > getting linked against X11, building gvim, etc.
> > 
> > The problem seems to have been introduced with the addition of 
> > GNU_CONFIGURE=YES into the port makefile about 3 weeks ago.  Previously it 
> > looks like the configure script was being run by the vim makefile during the 
> > build stage.  Now it's being run during the configure stage, and all of the 
> > options set in MAKE_ARGS are being ignored.
> > 
> > I reverted back to 1.246 of the port makefile as a local workaround.  Anyone 
> > else noticing this?
> Well, sort of. About three weeks ago, Syntax highlighting in vim (only
> when invoked by mutt) stopped working. However, I've been to lazy to
> investigate why.

I can confirm both of problems. I have the following lines in my

.if ${.CURDIR:N*/ports/editors/vim} == ""

But I have gvim and gvimdiff compiled and installed. 

To make vim highlight text while composing mails with mutt I had to add
`set editor="vim -c 'set ft=mail'"' to my ~/.muttrc file. 

-Roman Bogorodskiy

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