FreeBSD Port: oidentd-2.0.7

takeda3 takeda3 at
Tue Mar 16 13:32:08 PST 2004

Hello oliver,

Hi while using oidentd for some time I noticed that when process is
degraded to regular user and there is IPv6 query, oidentd cannot get

root at freebsd:/root# /usr/local/sbin/oidentd -m -l4 -di -u identd
Connection from 3ffe:8010:7:147::2:2626
[3ffe:8010:7:147::2] 1092 , 6667 : ERROR : NO-USER

Oidentd doesn't have any problems while working with IPv4.

After looking around I noticed that oidentd to look for ipv4 addresses
uses: kern.proc.all but for ipv6 net.inet6.tcp6.getcred.

Looks like net.inet6.tcp6.getcred is accessible only by root, isn't
possible to get enough informations using kern.proc.all?

Best regards,
 takeda3                          mailto:takeda3 at - eggdrop help

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