Problems compiling Apache2 under 5.2.1-P1

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Sat Mar 13 01:28:26 PST 2004

>> (03.13.2004 @ 0353 PST): Alex Dupre said, in 1.2K: <<
> - WANT_* means I want autotools
> - USE_* means I want to *use* autotools (and implies WANT_*)
> The run-autotools stage in fact is driven by the USE_* knobs.
> WANT_* is used by ports that run autotools in a particular way (called 
> by other programs or called with particular parameters) and cannot run 
> the usual run-autotools stage. With this change they are called twice.
> If you say that in your system they are equivalent, probably you have a 
> non-standard system.
>> end of "Re: Problems compiling Apache2 under 5.2.1-P1" from Alex Dupre <<

I recognize that a number of ports use WANT_* in this manner, but if
separate WANT_* behaviour is being phased out, why not just use
BUILD_DEPENDS to achieve the desired effect?

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