Content violation

Symantec Alerts savhou at
Thu Mar 4 18:30:20 PST 2004

The email message:

From: ports at
To: jpcruz at

includes the file <aboutyou.pif> which is prohibited by Bechtel Information Security policy.  The file was blocked and did not reach the intended recipient.

If you did not send an email message containing this information, your email address may have been spoofed by a third party or virus. If you believe you've received this notification in error, please delete it and disregard the following instructions.

To protect Bechtel's network from viruses or other potentially harmful files, the following types of attachments are not allowed to enter or leave the Bechtel network, as well as certain subject lines known to be associated with viruses:

. ADE	 Microsoft Access Project Extension
. ADP	 Microsoft Access Project
. BAS	 Visual Basic Class Module
. BAT	 Batch File
. CHM	 Compiled HTML Help File
. CMD	 Windows NT Command Script
. COM	 MS-DOS Application
. CPL	 Control Panel Extension
. CRT	 Security Certificate
. EXE	 Application
. HLP	 Windows Help File
. HTA	 HTML Applications
. INF	 Setup Information File
. INS	 Internet Communication Settings
. ISP	 Internet Communication Settings
. JS	 JScript File
. JSE	 JScript Encoded Script File
. LNK	 Shortcut
. MSC	 Microsoft Common Console Document
. MSI	 Windows Installer Package
. MSP	 Windows Installer Patch
. MST	 Visual Test Source File
. PCD	 Photo CD Image
. PIF	 Shortcut to MS-DOS Program
. REG	 Registration Entries
. SCR	 Screen Saver
. SCT	 Windows Script Component
. SHS	 Shell Scrap Object
. URL	 Internet Shortcut (Uniform Resource Locator)
. VB	 VBScript File
. VBE	 VBScript Encoded Script File
. VBS	 VBScript Script File
. WSC	 Windows Script Component
. WSF	 Windows Script File
. WSH	 Windows Scripting Host Settings File

To successfully send an attachment listed above to or from the Bechtel network, try one of the following options:
1.) Rename the file before attaching it to the email.  For example, rename EXAMPLE.EXE to EXAMPLE_EXE.  Make sure to add a note in the email to rename the extension back to .EXE when it arrives.
2.) ZIP the file with password protection.  Attached the ZIP file to the email.
3.) Instead of sending URL attachments, copy and paste the Web address into the email (i.e.

For further assistance within Bechtel, please contact your local helpdesk.

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