serial port problem

Vijay Kalkoti vijay_kalkoti at
Thu Mar 4 22:10:29 PST 2004

Hello all,

I have connected two pc's through serial port.

   One of the machine(1) is configured to run getty
process on the serial port. And another machine(2) is
used as a terminal to access the machine(1) which is
running getty on the serial port. 
   I have written a program to send the login &
password to the other machine(1) where getty is
I couldn't log into it.
   But......, when I insert some ( 1/100 th of a
second )  between sending of login & password then I
can login into the machine(1).

 Can anybody tell me, is delay is required while
sending the login & password, if so why?

Thanks & Regards.

vijay kalkoti

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