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Sun Jun 20 16:26:57 PDT 2004


I've been working on a port of Freevo (, which is
``an open-source home theatre PC platform'', for a while now and
hopefully within a week or two version 1.5.0 will be released.

  My port is for 1.5rc3 (the latest release) and includes a few
DVD-specific patches.  I'd really like to get some feedback before I
submit this port, so I've made it available at (it extracts into
freevo so you can untar it in the multimedia subdir).

  Somebody has suggested a printout of available configure options,
which I plan to implement shortly (although a quick look at the
Makefile shows them).

  There are a few specific things that need attention (my hacks):

1. Are DVDs shown at the bottom of the ``Watch a Movie'' menu?
2. If you insert a DVD at the menu, does it autoplay?
3. If you eject/insert a DVD does the ``Watch a Movie'' drive entry get
4. When playing a DVD from the ``Watch a Movie'' menu do you a) get the
   DVD menu (if using xine); b) get a list of tracks (mplayer); or c) get
   a list of the contents -- the final one really shouldn't happen so I
   am especially wanting to know about this!

  In addition to my Freevo port it's important you have a very recent
version of mmpython.  If you already have this installed, please upgrade
-- it includes some critical disc-specific updates, without which the
DVD stuff will really not work right (you'll get 4(c)!).  If you CVSuped
in the last couple of days you should be fine.

  Any and all feedback is welcome!  I'd really like to perfect this one
before 1.5rc4 so I can hopefully get a version in asap!



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