Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Jun 14 11:00:55 GMT 2004

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2004/06/08] ports/67721 ports-bugs  FreeBSD-current + Samba 3.0.4 + FAT32. Fi
o [2004/06/11] ports/67834 ports-bugs  Maintainer update: net/isc-dhcp3-server (
o [2004/06/14] ports/67921 ports-bugs  ports/net/cvsup unfetchable distfile on a

3 problems total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/02/22] ports/25272 ports-bugs  Using lang/eperl as cgi/nph binary execut
o [2002/04/07] ports/36846 ports-bugs  fxtv 1.03 freezes the system when $LANG=d
s [2002/12/18] ports/46338 ports-bugs  security/cyrus-sasl 1.5.27_7 mysql_verify
f [2003/01/31] ports/47768 ports-bugs  print/ghostscript-afpl gv (3.5.8_1) can't
s [2003/05/11] ports/52079 ports-bugs  vmware3 hangs when nmdm(4) is used as COM
s [2003/06/17] ports/53414 ports-bugs  port security/amavis-perl open filedescri
o [2003/08/16] kern/55617  ports-bugs  Accessing an nsmb-mounted drive via a smb
o [2003/10/12] ports/57897 ports-bugs  multimedia/mplayer: gmplayer doesn't work
o [2003/12/21] ports/60479 ports-bugs  x11-toolkits/p5-Tk800
s [2003/12/29] ports/60700 ports-bugs  squid cannot be built with transparent-ip
f [2004/02/05] ports/62377 ports-bugs  strace hangs when running programs from c
f [2004/03/04] ports/63747 ports-bugs  vmmon is not performing
f [2004/03/15] ports/64284 ports-bugs  [PATCH] Fix audio/id3lib compilation with
o [2004/03/28] ports/64838 ports-bugs  new port: chinese/msttf
o [2004/04/19] ports/65793 ports-bugs  SEGV in isakmpd, esp when associating wit
f [2004/04/20] ports/65824 ports-bugs  sysutils/LPRng and sysutils/LPRngTool - a
o [2004/04/23] ports/65917 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/portmanager easy FreeB
o [2004/06/07] ports/67653 ports-bugs  gettext not packaging some files with 'ma
o [2004/06/07] ports/67654 ports-bugs  [ new port ] x11-themes/fluxbox-sid-pack
o [2004/06/09] ports/67735 ports-bugs  biology/ncbi-toolkit does not build bl2se
o [2004/06/14] ports/67915 ports-bugs  gettext 0.13.1_1 packing list doesn't mat

21 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2001/01/13] ports/24299 ports-bugs  New port sysutils/tpconfig: configure the
s [2001/10/02] ports/30993 ports-bugs  xxgdb cannot open source file
s [2002/03/01] ports/35459 ports-bugs  portupgrade doesn't clean up dependencies
s [2002/04/17] ports/37186 ports-bugs  Dbview contains an error, because of whic
s [2002/06/18] ports/39476 ports-bugs  profxp will run but when you fxp a file i
s [2002/09/29] ports/43484 ports-bugs  Update port net/arla to 0.35.9
s [2002/10/07] ports/43771 ports-bugs  LaTeX ports mixed between print and textp
s [2002/11/29] ports/45843 ports-bugs  sysutils/3dm - needs to detect and create
s [2002/12/02] ports/45911 ports-bugs  GEOM-related problem sysutils/diskcheckd 
s [2003/02/12] ports/48217 ports-bugs  New Port: www/mod_frontpage13 and www/mod
o [2003/02/18] ports/48426 ports-bugs  [PATCH] digger-vgl does not support conso
o [2003/04/08] bin/50724   ports-bugs  [PATCH] make /usr/sbin/pkg_fetch save ful
f [2003/05/16] ports/52311 ports-bugs  [ADD MAKE ARGS]:: WITH_GTK And WITH_THREA
f [2003/05/30] ports/52793 ports-bugs  Samba 2.2.8a printing woes
o [2003/06/02] ports/52859 ports-bugs  Samba 2.2.8a (2.2.8)- broken support for 
o [2003/06/23] ports/53636 ports-bugs  Suggestion for rc.d style startup scripts
o [2003/08/04] ports/55237 ports-bugs  sysutils/msyslog uses wrong loging unix s
s [2003/08/08] ports/55371 ports-bugs  xfig dumps core (unaligned access), if US
o [2003/08/23] ports/55896 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/mozplugger
s [2003/08/28] ports/56091 ports-bugs  hp220 driver for print/ghostscript-gnu do
s [2003/09/24] ports/57143 ports-bugs  modules in flash shell broken
s [2003/09/27] ports/57289 ports-bugs  teamspeak-server port is broken in 3 ways
o [2003/11/08] ports/59047 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/freevo: Freevo is a
o [2003/11/12] ports/59221 ports-bugs  New port: news/fidogate-ds. A fresh branc
s [2003/11/13] ports/59239 ports-bugs  new port audio/tse3, a midi library
s [2003/11/13] ports/59243 ports-bugs  new port audio/anthem, a KDE midi sequenc
o [2003/11/17] ports/59371 ports-bugs  new port: net/smb4k, KDE SMB network brow
o [2003/12/12] ports/60185 ports-bugs  [New Port] www/w3-emacs21 WWW browser bas
o [2003/12/18] ports/60361 ports-bugs  [PATCH] Samba 2.2.8a (2.2.8)- broken supp
o [2003/12/21] ports/60472 ports-bugs  [New Port] devel/doxymacs Doxymacs is Dox
f [2004/01/15] ports/61383 ports-bugs  New port: net/t38modem, H.323 compliant f
o [2004/01/15] ports/61384 ports-bugs  NEW PORT: textproc/htmlize.el (turn emacs
s [2004/01/17] ports/61471 ports-bugs  Suggested mini-patch to ports/graphics/sa
o [2004/01/22] ports/61745 ports-bugs  New port: devel/syntax_tools-devel, unsta
f [2004/01/28] ports/62016 ports-bugs  New port: graphics/demeter A C++ library 
f [2004/01/30] ports/62124 ports-bugs  sysutils/xosview broken in -CURRENT
o [2004/02/02] ports/62256 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/mozilla-sclp
o [2004/02/04] ports/62335 ports-bugs  Updated port: add russian lang to nagios 
o [2004/02/05] ports/62393 ports-bugs  New Port:mail/qmailmrtg7
o [2004/02/06] ports/62455 ports-bugs  New port: lang/ecl An embeddable (ANSI) C
a [2004/02/08] ports/62516 ports-bugs  hostsenty port is unusable as packaged
o [2004/02/08] ports/62546 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/ja-bugzilla: Bug-trackin
o [2004/02/09] ports/62557 ports-bugs  [patch] WITH_POSTGRES -> WITH_POSTGRESQL 
o [2004/02/09] ports/62583 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] sysutils/usermatic: Scripts to
o [2004/02/09] ports/62585 ports-bugs  New port: net/mu-conference (Multi-User C
o [2004/02/11] ports/62680 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/cups-samba
o [2004/02/13] ports/62767 ports-bugs  Update ports/Tools/scripts/mkptools/mkpsk
o [2004/02/14] ports/62840 ports-bugs  New Port: dns/bind9-sdb-ldap, bind9 patch
o [2004/02/15] ports/62883 ports-bugs  New port: net/bb-client (Big Brother moni
o [2004/02/16] ports/62936 ports-bugs  new port: devel/p5-ParseLex
o [2004/02/17] ports/62960 ports-bugs  new port: sysutils/mapchan, utility "mapc
o [2004/02/17] ports/62979 ports-bugs  New Port: devel/p5-Config-Objective Perl 
o [2004/02/20] ports/63120 ports-bugs  New port: devel/slb_rf60
o [2004/02/20] ports/63154 ports-bugs  New Port: net/p5-Net-Rendezvous  -- a set
o [2004/02/21] ports/63176 ports-bugs  [patch] WITH_PGSQL -> WITH_POSTGRESQL acr
f [2004/02/23] ports/63279 ports-bugs  New port:math/webwork used to create prob
o [2004/02/25] ports/63349 ports-bugs  New port: mail/openwebmail-current  Open 
o [2004/02/25] ports/63354 ports-bugs  bcwipe does not act successfully on raw d
o [2004/02/25] ports/63357 ports-bugs  [patch] www/linux-mozillafirefox port cre
o [2004/02/29] ports/63543 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/phpbb-zh_TW
o [2004/03/01] ports/63611 ports-bugs  new port java/eclipse-cdt
o [2004/03/02] ports/63624 ports-bugs  New port security/dazuko "interface for 3
o [2004/03/03] ports/63715 ports-bugs  Maintainer update: astro/seti-applet (2.1
o [2004/03/06] ports/63823 ports-bugs  New port net/xbone-gui
o [2004/03/06] ports/63856 ports-bugs  update ports/www/p5-Apache-AuthCookie to 
o [2004/03/08] ports/63936 ports-bugs  New port: security/aimsniff A perl script
o [2004/03/09] ports/63979 ports-bugs  new port: devel/linux-libunicode -- A uni
o [2004/03/09] ports/63980 ports-bugs  new port: graphics/linux-png12 - rpm of t
f [2004/03/09] ports/64010 ports-bugs  print/cups: cupsd paths wrong
o [2004/03/10] ports/64041 ports-bugs  new port net/rp-pppoe, user-space client 
o [2004/03/11] ports/64077 ports-bugs  New port: audio/mt-daapd
o [2004/03/12] ports/64148 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] palm/synce-kde: SynCE KDE Util
o [2004/03/13] ports/64202 ports-bugs  New Port: x11/kde_api_reference_32, the k
o [2004/03/15] ports/64277 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] russian/fidogateds: Russian Fi
f [2004/03/15] ports/64307 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] databases/linux-unixODBC: RPM 
o [2004/03/22] ports/64585 ports-bugs  new port: devel/libpreps gui part stable 
o [2004/03/22] ports/64586 ports-bugs  new port: devel/preps-devel-gui stable re
o [2004/03/25] ports/64686 ports-bugs  [NEW PORTS] x11-toolkits/qtc-qtsharp qtsh
o [2004/03/25] ports/64687 ports-bugs  [New Port] games/dotgnu-mahjongg/ -- QT# 
o [2004/03/29] ports/64898 ports-bugs  new port: misc/heyu2 for X10 control
o [2004/03/30] ports/64915 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] vietnamese/x-unikey
o [2004/03/31] ports/65009 ports-bugs  Maintainer update: lang/gforth (build fix
o [2004/04/01] ports/65022 ports-bugs  new port: www/parser (www templating lang
o [2004/04/01] ports/65023 ports-bugs  new port: www/parser-mysql (mysql driver 
o [2004/04/01] ports/65024 ports-bugs  new port: www/parser-pgsql (postgresql dr
o [2004/04/01] ports/65033 ports-bugs  New port: net-mgmt/netmond network monito
o [2004/04/02] ports/65076 ports-bugs  New Port: net/xpvm (A Graphical Console a
o [2004/04/03] ports/65126 ports-bugs  [New Port] sysutils/kdar: backup-utility 
o [2004/04/05] ports/65207 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT FIX]vietnamese/xvnkb build fix 
o [2004/04/06] ports/65238 ports-bugs  [NEW-PORT] A port of samba-vscan for samb
o [2004/04/06] ports/65250 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/dvdrtools Dvdrecord an
o [2004/04/07] ports/65279 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/kazehakase: Kazehakase is 
o [2004/04/08] ports/65310 ports-bugs  security/SAVI-Perl: Submission of new por
f [2004/04/08] ports/65318 ports-bugs  New port: games/noegnud* an ASCII/2D/3D U
o [2004/04/10] ports/65396 ports-bugs  New port: java/rxtx: Native interface to 
o [2004/04/17] ports/65681 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/formication: Formular proc
o [2004/04/19] ports/65770 ports-bugs  New port: www/simplog: A simple php weblo
f [2004/04/24] ports/65935 ports-bugs  security/nessus: error in generated .ness
o [2004/04/26] ports/66005 ports-bugs  New port: mail/p5-SpamAssassin-devel - po
o [2004/04/27] ports/66028 ports-bugs  misc/gkx86info2 gkrellm2 plugin that show
o [2004/04/27] ports/66031 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] science/mcstas - neutron ray-t
o [2004/04/28] ports/66042 ports-bugs  new port: www/suexec13 (standalone suexec
o [2004/05/02] ports/66164 ports-bugs  new port: lang/qsa
o [2004/05/04] ports/66246 ports-bugs  new ports: textproc/docbook-utils, textpr
o [2004/05/04] ports/66253 ports-bugs  New port: cocoon2: XML Web Development Fr
f [2004/05/04] ports/66266 ports-bugs  ports/net/yptransitd: support FreeBSD NIS
o [2004/05/05] ports/66282 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] mail/p5-Mail-Vispan: PERL scri
o [2004/05/11] ports/66506 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/p5-Apache-GopherHandler: G
f [2004/05/14] ports/66625 ports-bugs  New Port: reply-o-matic
o [2004/05/17] ports/66762 ports-bugs  Update port: games/xpilot-ng (split into 
o [2004/05/18] ports/66799 ports-bugs  [new port] cantus_3: GNOME2 tool for tagg
f [2004/05/19] ports/66853 ports-bugs  [PATCH] devel/cccc unbreak build (old hea
s [2004/05/20] ports/66921 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] x11-wm/skippy-xd: A full-scree
f [2004/05/20] ports/66927 ports-bugs  [PATCH] mail/dcc-dccd has several problem
o [2004/05/22] ports/67032 ports-bugs  flashplugin for firefox port
o [2004/05/23] ports/67095 ports-bugs  New port: www/p5-PLP: A Perl embedder som
o [2004/05/24] ports/67133 ports-bugs  Six New Ports: Smart Common Input Method 
o [2004/05/25] ports/67192 ports-bugs  mod_perl-related regressions in the newes
o [2004/05/27] ports/67267 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem-Fr
s [2004/05/27] ports/67269 ports-bugs  Update port: textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem to 0
o [2004/05/29] ports/67319 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] databases/msql3: Version 3 of 
f [2004/05/29] ports/67324 ports-bugs  [maintainer update]: security/proxycheck 
o [2004/05/29] ports/67327 ports-bugs  New port: net-mgmt/rotorouter - fake trac
f [2004/05/30] ports/67363 ports-bugs  [PATCH] audio/dap doesn't fetch, update t
f [2004/05/30] ports/67377 ports-bugs  error when make install of amsn port
o [2004/06/02] ports/67497 ports-bugs  Maintainer update: mail/elm+ME (2.4.116)
o [2004/06/04] ports/67559 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] graphics/lphoto: A complete de
o [2004/06/04] ports/67572 ports-bugs  New port: mnogosearch-devel: Full feature
o [2004/06/05] ports/67599 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] math/geonext: Interactive (dyn
o [2004/06/05] ports/67612 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] irc/kvirc: [update to releas
o [2004/06/06] ports/67623 ports-bugs  [maintainer] update www/jakarta-tomcat5 t
o [2004/06/07] ports/67664 ports-bugs  unbreak this port if ${PERL_LEVEL} >= 500
o [2004/06/07] ports/67665 ports-bugs  [maintainer-update] Update net/limewire t
o [2004/06/07] ports/67668 ports-bugs  Update ports: japanese/yc.el
o [2004/06/07] ports/67673 ports-bugs  new port (games/tuxracer-1.1)
o [2004/06/07] ports/67674 ports-bugs  [new port] x11-fm/gnome-commander2 as dif
o [2004/06/07] ports/67686 ports-bugs  [PATCH] mail/cone: update to 0.60
o [2004/06/08] ports/67697 ports-bugs  Update to version 1.1.7 and new download 
o [2004/06/08] ports/67699 ports-bugs  [Maintainer Update] www/jetspeed version 
o [2004/06/08] ports/67701 ports-bugs  [patch] fix slave port detection and dist
f [2004/06/08] ports/67713 ports-bugs  New port: devilspie, a window manipulatio
o [2004/06/09] ports/67740 ports-bugs  New port: net/samba3-devel
o [2004/06/09] ports/67765 ports-bugs  New port: database/postgis
o [2004/06/10] ports/67807 ports-bugs  [New port] /comms/echolinux
o [2004/06/10] ports/67808 ports-bugs  [New port] comms/echogui
f [2004/06/10] ports/67811 ports-bugs  [new port] biology/ariadne
o [2004/06/10] ports/67814 ports-bugs  New port: desktop-file-utils, a couple of
o [2004/06/11] ports/67815 ports-bugs  ImageMagick no longer recognizes FlashPix
o [2004/06/11] ports/67816 ports-bugs  New port: aKregator, a KDE RSS aggregator
o [2004/06/11] ports/67826 ports-bugs  p5-Text-FormatTable - patch
o [2004/06/11] ports/67835 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] x11-wm/kahakai: No longer be
o [2004/06/11] ports/67843 ports-bugs  [PATCH] databases/p5-DBD-LDAP: update to 
o [2004/06/12] ports/67852 ports-bugs  New port: irc/riece IRC client for Emacs
o [2004/06/12] ports/67853 ports-bugs  New port: mail/c-sig Signature insertion 
o [2004/06/12] ports/67855 ports-bugs  New port: x11/xrsh Launcher which starts 
f [2004/06/12] ports/67856 ports-bugs  New port: x11/xrunclient Launcher for X c
o [2004/06/12] ports/67859 ports-bugs  Language cleanups in tlsmgr.8 (part of ma
o [2004/06/12] ports/67869 ports-bugs  [PATCH] net/xsmbrowser: update to 3.4.0
o [2004/06/12] ports/67876 ports-bugs  Updates pdmenu to version 1.2.85
o [2004/06/12] ports/67878 ports-bugs  portupgrade: freesci
o [2004/06/12] ports/67879 ports-bugs  update: www/winhelpcgi (update to 0.99)
o [2004/06/12] ports/67887 ports-bugs  new port: net-mgmt/qmrtg - qmrtg is a qma
o [2004/06/12] ports/67888 ports-bugs  Ports update: devel/cvsbook (was marked b
o [2004/06/13] ports/67890 ports-bugs  [PATCH] multimedia/avifile: [Change depen
o [2004/06/13] ports/67896 ports-bugs  Update emulators/qemu to the 06/12 snapsh
o [2004/06/13] ports/67900 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/jail  Builds a chroote
o [2004/06/13] ports/67904 ports-bugs  ports/astro/stellarium 0.6.0 and nvidia d
o [2004/06/13] ports/67905 ports-bugs  update hebrew/culmus 0.93 -> 0.100
o [2004/06/13] ports/67908 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] mail/milter-greylist: update
o [2004/06/13] ports/67910 ports-bugs  Update port: mail/sylpheed-gtk2 to 0.9.11
o [2004/06/13] ports/67911 ports-bugs  New port: mail/mlmmj Mailing list managin
o [2004/06/14] ports/67913 ports-bugs  [PATCH] multimedia/mplayer-gtk-esound: fi
o [2004/06/14] ports/67914 ports-bugs  can't built www/amaya with dicts
o [2004/06/14] ports/67916 ports-bugs  devel/gdb6: distfile is not fetchable - u
o [2004/06/14] ports/67917 ports-bugs  update java/jboss3 to 3.2.4
o [2004/06/14] ports/67918 ports-bugs  Update: japanese/ls
o [2004/06/14] ports/67920 ports-bugs  devel/perforce version information missin
o [2004/06/14] ports/67923 ports-bugs  [PATCH] muiltimedia/mplayer: Fails to bui
o [2004/06/14] ports/67924 ports-bugs  x11/electricsheep fix depend
o [2004/06/14] ports/67925 ports-bugs  print/ghostscript-gnu-nox11 depends on bi
o [2004/06/14] ports/67926 ports-bugs  some more nice pictures of the Daemon the
o [2004/06/14] ports/67927 ports-bugs  [Maintainer update] sysutils/fileschanged
o [2004/06/14] ports/67928 ports-bugs  bug fix for WebDAV with ports/www/apache1
o [2004/06/14] ports/67931 ports-bugs  Update port: sysutils/munin-main 1.0.0pre
o [2004/06/14] ports/67932 ports-bugs  Update port: sysutils/munin-node 1.0.0pre

185 problems total.

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