Ports mail/pflogstats

Al.Aeefyu aeefyu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 02:54:25 GMT 2004


A recent upgrade of postfix (also from -ports) have resulted
in an error when running pflogstats with the argument "--type=uce"

Previously was using postfix-2.0.x, and --type=uce was running fine.
It is broken now with postfix-2.1.1 with the error "No Data Found! "
(Let me assure you there's nothing wrong with the logs passed to

--type=rejects, --type=common (default) runs well enough
(Of course, --type=spamassassin was never working before so I cant complain)

Is this an isolated case, or a known bug?
Message sent to the maintainer has yet to receive a reply for over a week now.



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