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Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at halplant.com
Fri Jun 18 05:34:06 GMT 2004


> A recent upgrade of postfix (also from -ports) have resulted
> in an error when running pflogstats with the argument "--type=uce"

It runs fine for me, though having not used this option before I can't say
if there's something wrong with the output.

# pflogstats --type=uce < /var/log/maillog

> Previously was using postfix-2.0.x, and --type=uce was running fine.
> It is broken now with postfix-2.1.1 with the error "No Data Found! "

# pkg_info -I postfix-* pflogstats-*
pflogstats-1.0.1,1  Postfix Log Statistics Reporter
postfix-2.1.1,1     A secure alternative to widely-used Sendmail

I don't see a "No Data Found!" error.

Are you reading your logs via STDIN? In the last update, pflogstats lost
the ability to take filename arguments, so you need to use the shell to
direct the log data.

> (Let me assure you there's nothing wrong with the logs passed to
> pflogstats.

Maybe, but Wietse continues to stick to his assertion that the log format
is undocumented and subject to change. It does change, too!

> Is this an isolated case, or a known bug?

I have yet to see another report of this error.

> Message sent to the maintainer has yet to receive a reply for over a week now.

His 'puter died and had to be replaced by the latest technology[1] and his
employer has been treating him like a roman galley slave.

[1] http://halplant.com:88/systems.html

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