Good examples which use imake and also honor PREFIX?

KIMURA Yasuhiro yasu at
Sun Jun 13 11:50:34 GMT 2004

I sent-pr a new port of xrunclient, small X utility, and get following

> Synopsis: New port: x11/xrunclient Launcher for X client
> State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback 
> State-Changed-By: krion
> State-Changed-When: Sat Jun 12 07:23:02 GMT 2004
> State-Changed-Why: 
> It doesn't honor PREFIX.
> It also installs ${X11BASE}/lib/X11/doc/html/xrunclient.1.html
> which isn't in Makefile.

It seems some modification of Imakefile in the original sources is
needed to make it honor PREFIX. But, to tell the truth, I'm not
familiar with imake. So I decided to refer to the existing ports.

I selected some ports which use imake (i.e. USE_IMAKE=yes) and seem
rather simple ones, and put them to the following test which is
written in the Porter's Handbook.

# make clean; make package PREFIX=/var/tmp/port-name

But all of what is selected failed the exam (They installed things in
/usr/X11R6, and make package fail because things are not found in
/var/tmp/port-name), and I couldn't find good example for me.

So does anyone give me good example ports which use imake and pass the
test above?

KIMURA Yasuhiro
Mail: yasu at

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