FYI: new port security/portaudit-db

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Sun Jun 13 17:24:00 GMT 2004

Jon Passki wrote:

>> Again:
>> * a port should *not* change its version numbering based on
>> included components
>> * restrain yourself to *one* suffix in the package name (and use
>> a dash to seperate it from the main ports name)
> No bikeshed here, just pointing out that if you go this route then
> change the porters-handbook.  Chapter 5.2.4 allows what you wish to
> avoid.


5.2.4 Package Naming Conventions

3. If the port can be built with different _hardcoded defaults_ (usually 
    of the directory name in a family of ports), the -compiled.specifics 
    should state the compiled-in defaults (the hyphen is optional).

Which I read as `use PKGNAMESUFFIX for slave ports and make it part of 
directory name' and `a hyphen is the natural separator'.

And no paragraph recommends changing the version number depending on
configuration options. In fact it will confuse most package tools, like
pkg_version, portupgrade and poraudit.

Why do you think the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook encourages these things?


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