needs improvement

Ade Lovett ade at
Wed Jun 9 20:08:24 GMT 2004

On Jun 09, 2004, at 08:55, Radim Kolar wrote:

> I have submited PR ports/67575: freesci. This PR is a perfect example 
> of current $subj flaws. After 2 hours, i have finally found which 
> needs to be set in makefile to get autotools working.
> In short:

I tried applying the attached patch, but it barfed on the "1)".  The 
other thing wrong with it is the use of ac257 and am17 (use ac259 and 
am18 respectively).

If you can provide something that patch can actually process and submit 
it as a PR, I'll look at it, amongst the myriad of other broken and 
semi-broken issues.

I need some more round tuits.  Anyone got any spare?


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