About my complaint yesterday

Michael C. Shultz ringworm at inbox.lv
Thu Jun 3 21:07:20 GMT 2004

To anyone who is interested:

About my general complaint towards the management of FreeBSD
yesterday a few comments:

1. I received the most polite email from David H. Wolfskill
   postmaster at freebsd.org.  He fixed the problem so I may now
   receive the ports mail list again. With my complaint written the
   way it was I think David sure showed real class in how he handled
   it.  Now I'm the one who feels like a dolt.

2. I've spent the day reading up on Linux though I have not set it
   up, based on what I have read I am a bigger fan of FreeBSD than
   ever before.  I will do my very best to  be patient when FreeBSD
   related things don't work exactly as I think they should in the

3. I did not intend for yesterday's comments to go to the mail list,
   I was replying to an automated message and did not pay attention
   to the address, still I feel bad for ssending it at all now. 
   Please forgive.
   Michael C. Shultz

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