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John Merryweather Cooper john_m_cooper at
Thu Jul 29 22:12:13 PDT 2004

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On Thursday 29 July 2004 09:45 pm, Nakata Maho wrote:
> Dear freaks,
> I'll update port soon.
> /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1
>    -> 1.1.2
> /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1-devel
>    -> 1.1.3 (developer ver. cws_srx645_ooo113fix2,
>   checkout at 2004/7/29 16:00 JST)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> o remove some obsolated description in Makefile (We don't test
>   OOo under earlier than 5, we need maintainer)
> o have separated mozilla Makefile (since Makefile itself is too long).
> o Remove default LANG setting and CJK enhancement.
>   -> Changes in OOo should be minimal.
> o Remove GIF LZW patent patch. GIF patent is expired all around the world.
> o Build process of OOo will be changed drastically, to reduce
>   the amount of time for building localized packages
>   (33 localized langs total)
>   I'm not sure localized ports may work or not at the moment.
>   formerly, building OOo took 5.5h with ccache, 5.2.1-RELEASE
>   and Pentium M 1.6. So full 33 localized build took 33*5.5h!
>   However, now once all localized build have done (take 6h),
>   other build will end in 5 min.
> o build process:
>  o make OOo package for English version with solver and sdk
>    make WITH_CCACHE=yes package package-rename solver sdk deinstall clean
>  o make OOo localized package (change LOCALIZED_LANG=XX to build your
>    fav. lang, see files/Makefile.local for XX)
>    make LOCALIZED_LANG=ja WITH_CCACHE=yes package package-rename deinstall
>  o make all localized packages
>     -> builds all language at once (but do not install anything!)
>    make TWEAK_L10N=yes LOCALIZED_LANG=ja pre-everything
>    make LOCALIZED_LANG=ja    WITH_CCACHE=yes package package-rename
> deinstall -> make japanese localized package(TWEAK_L10N=yes is important.
> cheats) make TWEAK_L10N=yes LOCALIZED_LANG=ar pre-everything
>    make LOCALIZED_LANG=ar    WITH_CCACHE=yes package package-rename
> deinstall ...
> o status of these ports :
> Packages are available for 5.2.1-RELEASE and 4.10-STABLE
> o
> Target of platform is FreeBSD/i386 5.2.1-RELEASE.
> Feedbacks are appreciated.
> --nakata maho

The basic problem with targeting to 5.2.1-RELEASE is that it has huge gobs of 
obsolete library dependencies.  A similar problem exists tracking a 4.x 
RELEASE verses -STABLE.  It would be far, far better mirror the package 
building mechanism on bento (i.e., build packages for -STABLE and -CURRENT).  
As it stands now, although I can override the warnings on pkg_add, the 
installed OpenOffice is dead as a door nail on -CURRENT (it seems to be 
looking for libraries that are no longer there).


P.S.  Having the ability to haul down the packages conveniently and install 
them from the ports Makefile for OpenOffice would be a real plus.  I also 
applaud your efforts to de-couple some of the builds out.  The build is way 
too monolithic (which means that the slightest failure in any one component 
and you have just wasted DAYS building the thing).  Finally, a dedicated SDK 
port is needed so that plugins can be ported (I would like to port the 
WordPerfect plugin, but there's currently no dependency to point to for the 
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (FreeBSD)


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