xterm in X.org error with some locales?

Eric Anholt eta at lclark.edu
Mon Jul 26 02:07:56 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-07-25 at 20:41, Jie Gao wrote:
> Hi, all
> I switched to Xorg on 5-CURRENT yesterday, following the steps in 
> /usr/ports/UPDATING and portupgraded everything. Everything works just 
> fine except one thing: xterm has some error on some particular locales. 
> The symptom is like this:
>   # setenv LANG zh_CN.eucCN
>   # xterm
> After this, xterm's window only quickly flashed out and then 
> disappeared. I tried various locales, mainly zh_CN.* ones, finding that 
> zh_CN.eucCN, zh_CN.GB2312 and zh_CN.GBK all make xterm a splash.
> I cannot tell what's wrong because I can find corresponding error 
> information nowhere. I checked console, /var/log/messages, 
> ~/.xsession-error and /var/log/Xorg.0.log. None of them contain relevant 
> messages.

I can't remember for sure, but I think this was part of the issue, which
is printed when you build -clients: 

> If you want to use xterm with locales in a secure manner, luit must be
> setuid.  If you want to do this, hit Ctrl-C now and use "make

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