linux-flashplugin question

Haim Ashkenazi haim at
Thu Jul 22 14:23:25 PDT 2004

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 09:33:34 -0500, Brandon D. Valentine wrote:
> I'm the linux-flashplugin maintainer so I suppose I should speak up
> here.  Many, many people, myself included, have linux-flashplugin6 &
> linuxpluginwrapper running successfully on 4.x systems.  You will need
> to make sure you have linux_base installed (which the flash ports
> already depend on for you), linux compatibility loaded into the kernel
> (either compiled in or via the module), and then follow the instructions
> in the linuxpluginwrapper pkg-message to setup your libmap.conf(5)
> properly.

it's a little strange though. after a few tries, I discovered that the
problem was with flash movies that had sound in them. so when I enable the
sound server in gnome, it works ok, but when I disable it, it just
hangs/crashes the browser.

anyway, thanx for the help, everyone.


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