2 port requests (with details on how i got some of it working)

N COKYAZICI cokyazici at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 22 02:11:16 PDT 2004


1. theres a game engine i've been trying to get
working on FreeBSD 5.2.1-Release, theres a linux
version now - which should be easy to port, i tryed
the windows version before on windows and played it a
lot, it made the graphics of a really old game and
small game look quite modern.

doomsdayhq dot com

is the website for it. from what i remember when you
download and install the 9MB models it makes the
graphics like quake 3, i was amazed at how it managed
it with only around 20MB.

i think it mostly uses SDL, the ./configure fails when
it trys to find SDL_net.h, i tryed ages to try to make
it detect it but it still didnt no matter what i did

2. this isnt relavant to my first request but its
still very useful... you can get the dos gcc - djgpp
to cross compile a DOS/Windows program on FreeBSD. i
managed to get it working, i tested a program it
compiled that had a lot of file i/o functions in
dosbox and it worked nicely, i just couldnt get the
c++ working, i found a website that said if you go to
the "packages/gnu/gcc-3.2-obj" and type "make all-gcc
install" it makes and installs it with c but without
c++, i followed the instructions in the text file
"cross/howto.32" and did the above. i think this is
important as a port because many people have friends
on windows who they need to send programs they wrote
and compiled for them. the website for the compiler is
delorie dot com slash djgpp  you just go to the zip
picker and say you want to do a unix cross compile and
select sources for everything you download, the
instructions on the zip picker seem to be kind of out
of date but theres good instructions when you unzip
one of the files, a file called cross/howto.32 should

Regards, a very happy FreeBSD user.

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