2 port requests (with details on how i got some of it working)

Florent Thoumie flz at xbsd.org
Fri Jul 23 12:18:54 PDT 2004


> Hello...
> 1. theres a game engine i've been trying to get
> working on FreeBSD 5.2.1-Release, theres a linux
> version now - which should be easy to port, i tryed
> the windows version before on windows and played it a
> lot, it made the graphics of a really old game and
> small game look quite modern.
> doomsdayhq dot com
> is the website for it. from what i remember when you
> download and install the 9MB models it makes the
> graphics like quake 3, i was amazed at how it managed
> it with only around 20MB.
> i think it mostly uses SDL, the ./configure fails when
> it trys to find SDL_net.h, i tryed ages to try to make
> it detect it but it still didnt no matter what i did
> :(

	If you're making a port, you should have put something like :
	USE_SDL= net (etc, following requirements)

	If this still doesn't work then you may want to add :


	There could be some other problems if the Makefile is written to
	call sdl-config, look at some examples in ${PORTSDIR}/games and
	see how they use REINPLACE_CMD.

	This should help configure to find required headers and

> 2. this isnt relavant to my first request but its
> still very useful... you can get the dos gcc - djgpp
> to cross compile a DOS/Windows program on FreeBSD. i
> managed to get it working, i tested a program it
> compiled that had a lot of file i/o functions in
> dosbox and it worked nicely, i just couldnt get the
> c++ working, i found a website that said if you go to
> the "packages/gnu/gcc-3.2-obj" and type "make all-gcc
> install" it makes and installs it with c but without
> c++, i followed the instructions in the text file
> "cross/howto.32" and did the above. i think this is
> important as a port because many people have friends
> on windows who they need to send programs they wrote
> and compiled for them. the website for the compiler is
> delorie dot com slash djgpp  you just go to the zip
> picker and say you want to do a unix cross compile and
> select sources for everything you download, the
> instructions on the zip picker seem to be kind of out
> of date but theres good instructions when you unzip
> one of the files, a file called cross/howto.32 should
> appear.

	Sorry but I have no clue for that, never tried to cross-compile
	DOS program on FreeBSD.

	                              -- flz

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