Are files and directories mandatory in pkg-plist ?

David Julien david.julien at
Wed Jul 21 00:43:01 PDT 2004

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 20:01:54 +0200, Oliver Eikemeier
<eikemeier at> wrote:
> Adam Weinberger wrote:
> >>> (07.20.2004 @ 0726 PST): Oliver Eikemeier said, in 1.5K: <<
> >> [...]
> >> It depends. While I would strongly prefer a solution where you list the
> >> files as `owned' by the package, but when there is no way to make this
> >> work you could just embed them as ignored files and call ocamlfind
> >> install/remove from pkg-install/pkg-deinstall.
> >
> > Wouldn't that prevent package creation?
> Uhm, no, that is what @ignore_inst is designed for. But I would not
> advise to play with it: AFAIK no port uses this feature, so I'm not sure
> if it is supported. I have to admit that I did not try whether it even
> works, but by looking at the code it should.
> Anyway, teaching ocamlfind to leave the installed files alone seems like
> the preferred solution to me...
> -Oliver

There are other ocaml packages which seem to be in the same case, for
instance  ocaml-pcre. To deinstall the port they delete the added line
in ld.conf thanks to a "grep -v" in the pkg-install file (why not
pkg-deinstall ?).

I have tested my port with these modifications and it seems to work
correctly now ! Thank you.


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