HEADS UP: Lots of port build failures with gcc 3.4

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Fri Jul 16 23:36:01 PDT 2004

Dear Porters,

Yes, it's that time again...in the near future a new version of GCC
(3.4.1) will be imported into FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT.  The main effect of
this from our point of view is that -- as usual -- the new compiler
suite causes hundreds of ports to fail due to increased compiler
strictness, standards conformance and other annoying reasons.

A partial list of failing ports can be found here:


If a port maintained by you appears on this list, please do the following:

* Contact the software authors and provide them with a link to the log

* Work with them to develop a patch to fix the problems, or work on
  the problem yourself if your port is unmaintained by the original

* Ask on this list if you require help in fixing a particular problem.

To install gcc 3.4.1 on your 5.2-CURRENT system, download the
following files:


Update your source tree to HEAD, then do

  cd /usr/src
  rm -rf contrib/gnu/{gcc,libf2c,libobjc,libstdc++}
  tar xvfz gcc341.tar.gz
  patch -p < src341.diff

Then rebuild and reinstall world as usual.

* If you don't run 5.2-CURRENT, you may be able to get away with
  installing the gcc34 port and setting CC and CXX (if your port does
  not respect these variables, well, that's already an error you should
  fix :-).  Note that 4.x with gcc34 may not see the same errors as 5.x
  with gcc34, so you really should consider installing a 5.2-CURRENT
  test system to work with.

Be aware that you can't mix-and-match C++ code compiled with different
versions of GCC, so you may need to recompile existing ports with the
new compiler to avoid weird linker errors.

Kris "Annoying Reminder Guy II" Kennaway

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