FreeBSD Port: gnomenettool-0.99.1

John Angelmo john at
Thu Jul 8 15:18:01 PDT 2004

Tom McLaughlin wrote:
> Hi John, gnome-remote-desktop doesn't really work anyways.  There are a
> few bugzilla entries entered in gnome's bugzilla for it not handling
> hostnames correctly and the Connect button causing the program to simply
> exit.  They've been there for about six or seven months unresponded to
> so no one is really maintaing them on the Gnome side. 
> gnome-remote-desktop is just a later non-working version of tsclient.
> Tom


Well I was just surprised since I was using it and it was working just 
great for me, but is tsclient a later version of gnome-remote-desktop or 
the other way around?


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