feedback requested for math/gap port reorganization

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Tue Jul 6 08:52:26 PDT 2004

David Bremner wrote:

> I wanted to upgrade the port math/gap port. [...]
> you can have a look at the whole business in

You should use DISTFILES instead of

DISTNAME=       gap4r4
EXTRACT_SUFX=   p3.tar.bz2

USE_BZIP2 instead of

EXTRACT_CMD= bunzip2

Please use tabs before variable values where possible.

You don't need to include, is sufficient.

The subshell in do-install in unnecessary, please use INSTALL_SCRIPT to 
install the script.

You subprograms belong in ${PREFIX}/libexec, not lib, see hier(7). Data 
belongs in ${DATADIR} or ${PREFIX}/libdata, documentation into 
${DOCSDIR}, preferences into ${PREFIX}/etc.

Please use portlint(1).

math/gap-package is no complete port, so it is not allowed in the ports 

It shouldn't be too difficult to make a port gap-packages that installs 
a configurable set of packages, selectable with WITH_*

$FreeBSD$ tags should be empty on new ports, stuff like
should be only used as a last resort, and only when you are *excatly* 
know what you are doing. Generally, it is best to avoid := and != in 
ports Makefiles.


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