where to install data? (boinc)

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Thu Jul 1 00:26:23 PDT 2004

Brooks Davis wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 10:27:13PM -0600, Robin Schoonover wrote:
>> I need some advice involving installation locations...
>> I've pretty much have boinc ported over, but I want to make sure I'm 
>> doing
>> the right thing with the default installation location.
>> Currently I have boinc installed into /var/db/boinc to be consistant 
>> with
>> where setiathome puts its data files (I think I can see the reasoning 
>> on
>> why /var would be a good place). If you tweak PREFIX you can have 
>> boinc be
>> installed somewhere else.

Are you talking about *data files* or the program here? Normally hier(7) 
should answer most of you questions, and during installation time you 
should only put files into ${PREFIX}/.., which should have it's default 

>> Also, there is an rcNG script I have written,
>> which by default gets installed into ${LOCALBASE}/etc/rc.d/ (also
>> tweakable).

Nope, your port installs into ${PREFIX}/.., so put it into 

>> All the other boinc data lives in /var/db/boinc (so setiathome, or
>> seti_boinc as I should probably call it, gets installed to
>> /var/db/boinc/projects/setiathome.berkeley.edu).

Hmmm... that may be a misunderstanding on my side, but you shouldn't 
*install* stuff there. The port can keep it's (generated) data in this 
location, though.

>> Should I continue to have it install to the /var partition, or not mess
>> with PREFIX and have the default be ${LOCALBASE}?

Don't install anything to ${LOCALBASE}, never.

> I believe this is the correct thing to do.  You should create the
> directory in the pkg-install script and then, if it is empty, delete it
> on uninstall (you need to use an @unexec statement).

No, ports shouldn't touch anything outside of ${PREFIX}, especially not 
install any files there. It is ok to occasionally create some 
directories, like /var/{db,log,run}/..., but they should be empty. And 
don't install into ${LOCALBASE}.

The idea is that I'm able to completely separate a port when I want to. 
Any people smart enough to install ports to /whatever are also smart 
enough to tweak local_startup when they really want to run the port from 


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