GAIM/Yahoo problem

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Fri Jan 30 12:13:39 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 15:12, Doug Poland wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running 4.9-STABLE on Intel/686-Class CPU.  I installed the port a couple of weeks
> ago (Makefile revision 1.132).  It worked fine for a few days then it started crashing
> when attempting to connect to Yahoo.
> I portupgraded to Revision 1.133 on Mon 26 Jan 04 and Revision 1.134 today (30 Jan 04).
> The application still crashes attempting to connect to Yahoo.  I filed a bug with GAIM
> (884921) and it was marked as a duplicate.
> GAIM's web site features the headline...
> "On Monday, several potential security vulnerabilities in Gaim 0.75 (and previous
> versions) were publicly disclosed by Stefan Esser. Due to problems with current Gaim CVS
> (Yahoo! still not working properly being the most influential) we are not yet ready to
> release 0.76. You are encouraged to get and apply this patch from the FreeBSD security
> team, released with the disclosure."
> This statement could lead one to believe that the patch fixes the connection issue with
> Yahoo.  However, it doesn't.
> So is this a know issue?  Should I just sit tight and wait for GAIM 0.76?

Yes, wait for 0.76 to fix those connectivity issues.


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