GAIM/Yahoo problem

Doug Poland doug at
Fri Jan 30 12:12:08 PST 2004


I'm running 4.9-STABLE on Intel/686-Class CPU.  I installed the port a couple of weeks
ago (Makefile revision 1.132).  It worked fine for a few days then it started crashing
when attempting to connect to Yahoo.

I portupgraded to Revision 1.133 on Mon 26 Jan 04 and Revision 1.134 today (30 Jan 04).
The application still crashes attempting to connect to Yahoo.  I filed a bug with GAIM
(884921) and it was marked as a duplicate.

GAIM's web site features the headline...

"On Monday, several potential security vulnerabilities in Gaim 0.75 (and previous
versions) were publicly disclosed by Stefan Esser. Due to problems with current Gaim CVS
(Yahoo! still not working properly being the most influential) we are not yet ready to
release 0.76. You are encouraged to get and apply this patch from the FreeBSD security
team, released with the disclosure."

This statement could lead one to believe that the patch fixes the connection issue with
Yahoo.  However, it doesn't.

So is this a know issue?  Should I just sit tight and wait for GAIM 0.76?


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