Thank you all! [was: Please test: mplayer 1.0pre3]

Lars Eggert lars.eggert at
Tue Jan 27 00:07:54 PST 2004

Thomas E. Zander wrote:
> At the moment I've got the impression that an update to 1.0pre3 causes
> more regression in usability and comfort than keeping 0.92 for a while.
> Especially
> o The new libavcodec hasn't been merged in yet, so we'd need further
>   huge aggressive patching to enable playing some critical files
>   (thanks Simon).
> o The gtk2 patch only works on -current and it's future in further
>   releases is not certain. Also there are some regressions with the
>   gui in general, e.g. the "pause-key".
> prevent me from feeling good about an update of the ports tree in this
> case.

Don't forget the TV functionality...

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