Thank you all! [was: Please test: mplayer 1.0pre3]

Thomas E. Zander riggs at
Mon Jan 26 23:59:07 PST 2004

Good morning,

well, as the subject already said, I thank you all for feedback.

At the moment I've got the impression that an update to 1.0pre3 causes
more regression in usability and comfort than keeping 0.92 for a while.
o The new libavcodec hasn't been merged in yet, so we'd need further
  huge aggressive patching to enable playing some critical files
  (thanks Simon).
o The gtk2 patch only works on -current and it's future in further
  releases is not certain. Also there are some regressions with the
  gui in general, e.g. the "pause-key".
prevent me from feeling good about an update of the ports tree in this

So I'll do the following:
We wait at least for 1.0pre4 before updating the official ports tree
with the new version, further I keep on collecting patches and ideas
for the new version and keep updating this port on my homepage, so that
whoever wants to use 1.0pre instead of 0.92 can do this by just
downloading it until it finds its way into the ports tree.

I think that's the best solution at the moment.


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