Ernst de Haan znerd at
Tue Jan 13 23:38:39 PST 2004

Hi Simon,

> Every port that needs a manual fetch will direct the user to an external
> site. So what about something like this:
> mandatory:
> MANUAL_FETCH_SITE=         http://www.manual/fetch/...

Indeed. Sounds good. In some ports this is currently called DOWNLOAD_URL, 
but I agree that your suggested name is probably more appropriate.

>                            file2

We could make this optional and make it default to DISTFILES...

> optional:
> MANUAL_FETCH_DISTDIR=      <subdir in ${DISTDIR}>

> which will be used by to generate a nice message that asks
> the user to visit that site and to save those files to ${DISTDIR}.


> I could also imagine an optional file that contains further
> instructions, e.g. pkg-mf-msg

We should probably try to keep this feature very simple. Added another file 
is hopefully unnecessary.


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